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It's an interactive iphone comic series to educate about enviornmental issues. The series hints towards environmental impacts, due to lack of empathy. Everyone knows about the present situation but we are ignoring the issues. Through Todd-the main protagonist, we attempt to bring some of the issues that may appear minor issues but cumulatively are impacting the environment in a major way. When Todd alone can see the problems, each individual also can. Watch the series to relate to the environmental issues. If you identify with them you will be able to change the environment for its betterment, so letís see how much green thinking you have?

comic series
Donít waste power
Ozone layer depletion
Global warming
Car pooling
Air pollution
Donít use polythene
Noise pollution
Endangered species
Balanced diet
Go for e-bills, save paper
Excessive use of pesticides
Donít waste water