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Rangmahal is an initiative on part of mlab emantras to revive the ancient art of shadow puppetry and bring it to mainstream by using the artifacts and combining it with Digital media.
This film takes you in to royal life of a Rangmahal through the lens of a bioscope. The story proceeds through the shouting of bioscopewala ( hawker) inviting kids to see spectacular life of Rangmahal. Then you reach in to an illuminated world of aristocratic times. This sequence makes use of back lit bioscope projection which is a kind of simulation to the real shadow puppet show. The film ends with the street scene, bioscopewala and kids. bioscopewala binding up for next show shouting the same lines. Both the styles are animated in flash and this animation is unique as paintings here animate and explain the concepts behind them.

Rangmahal has been nominated for screening at IFFLA'10

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