Todd's trouble hints towards environmental impacts, due to lack of greenery. Everyone knows about the present situation but we are ignoring the issues. Isn't it?
Though his dreams are from deep inside his consciousness, but they are definitely one solution to all the bad done to the surroundings. When Todd alone can see the solution in his dreams, each individual also can.

Curious todd was screened at:
1. IFFLA'09, Los Angelies
2. TVCA Anifest India'09 (Runner up)
3. SAPPORO International Short Film Festival'09, Japan
4. ANI'MEST'09, Rome
5. Bollywood and Beyond Indian Film Festival'09, Germany
6. FlatLand film festival'09, Texas
7. Chicago International Children's Film Festival 2010

Curious todd was screened at:
1. Black Movie festival- Geneva - Feb 2011
2. REELkids Film Festival - January 16-20, 2011
curious todd
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