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Have you ever considered that your users probably are not familiar with the layout of your web applications and so cannot instinctively find their way around? 
At emantras, an expert usability analysis of your web-based applications and programs will ensure the highest return on your investment and end-user satisfaction
The most extensive research areas at emantras is usability analysis. Preferred method for ensuring usability is to test actual users on a working system, there are some other alternative methods which include user testing on system prototypes, usability review conducted by experts, or cognitive modeling.
Emantras analyzes the usability of the application, as well as end-users' behavior and trends with the product.
user experience design
Emantras user experience design defines a sequence of screen presentations, user interactions, and system responses that meet user goals and tasks while satisfying business and functional requirements.The principal goal is to employ iterative design, which progressively refines the design through evaluation from the early stages of design.